Providing legal services to the people and businesses of Brentwood since 1850

About Us

Landons Solicitors has a strong and long-established history. The firm has served Brentwood and its surrounding area for almost two centuries. We are proud of our history and our traditional values, while at the same time we look to the future, expanding and moving forward in the rapidly changing 21st century.

Francis Newcombe Landon established the present firm when he came to Brentwood in the 1830s to practise as a solicitor from a house in the High Street, where Marks & Spencer now stands. He was appointed Clerk to the Land Tax Commissioners and Clerk to the General Commissioners of Taxes and was also the first Registrar of Brentwood County Court. The position of Clerk to the General Commissioners of Taxes for the Brentwood Division was held by successive partners of the firm until recently. Francis Newcombe Landon moved his practice to the Shenfield Road in the 1850s and on his death in 1859 he was succeeded by his sons Edward, Frank and Harcourt Landon, the last of whom died in 1936.

The firm continued to grow and now undertakes a general legal practice to serve the needs of the people and businesses.

Today we feel very privileged and proud of our rich history and traditional values. We strongly believe that we have prevailed for almost two centuries as a high street firm, due to our personable and approachable manner, our tailored legal advice and our kind approach to our clients who are unquestionably at the heart of our business.