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Elderly Client Services

Landons is able to help elderly clients as they prepare for management of their affairs in later years. The legal issues affecting elderly clients, their families and their carers can become complicated. We provide clear, professional and thorough advice on Lasting Power of Attorney and Court of Protection.

We are happy to arrange visits at home, in hospital or in care homes if appropriate and easier for our clients. If required, we can refer you to a suitable independent financial adviser.

What is Lasting Power of Attorney?

A Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA) is a document which allows one individual to delegate authority to another person for decisions relating to property and financial as well as health and welfare affairs. We advise with regard to funding of Care Home fees if necessary.

No one can guarantee that they will always be physically or mentally able to manage their own financial affairs. Lasting Power of Attorney is ‘lasting’ to ensure that the power remains effective in the event of mental incapacity. If it were an ordinary or general Power of Attorney, it would become invalid. A Lasting Power of Attorney remains valid as long as it is in the prescribed form and provided that the Power is registered with the Office of the Public Guardian.

What does Landons offer?

Our private client team is experienced in providing advice and support and we guide our clients through this sensitive and often complicated legal process.

At Landons we can:

  • assist in the preparation of the LPA;
  • help you to decide who should be your Attorney;
  • help you to decide whether any restrictions or conditions should be attached to your LPA;
  • advise you on whom you should choose as your Certificate provider (this is an essential part of LPA);
  • assist in ensuring your LPA is properly registered at the Office of the Public Guardian;
  • advise Attorneys on their duties under a Lasting Power of Attorney;
  • provide independent guidance as reassurance in the event of family conflict.

Court of Protection

If there is no Lasting Power of Attorney, we can assist in cases of mental and physical frailty with applications to the Court of Protection. This may mean a person applying to become someone’s “Deputy” and we can advise on the complex process and help our clients to complete the paperwork, efficiently and as cost effectively as possible.

For more information please contact Jessie Stewart | [email protected] | Tel: 01277 210021