Providing legal services to the people and businesses of Brentwood since 1850

Commercial Litigation and Dispute Resolution

Landons has a strong history of litigation and commercial experience. Our solicitors provide comprehensive advice and legal representation at all levels and at all stages of litigation.

In helping you to resolve matters we:

  • ascertain the facts with our clients and evaluate the evidence to support them;
  • advise clients on their legal rights and potential remedies;
  • establish our clients’ objectives;
  • have regard to any goodwill to be maintained or adverse media coverage that may occur;
  • balance the risks/rewards of the various scenarios;
  • apply business logic with our clients to find the right way to proceed;
  • develop a case or litigation strategy and timescale;
  • agree a fee budget with our clients which is proportionate to the sum involved and the risks.

We regularly advise on the following matters:

  • contractual disputes;
  • claims for breach of warranty;
  • construction and building disputes including adjudication and arbitration;
  • dispute with employees and others working for you;
  • product liability and personal injury;
  • professional negligence;
  • shareholder and partnership disputes;
  • probate claims;
  • Freezing injuctions.

Whether our clients face a potential or actual claim we provide clear and concise advice on the steps available to protect our clients’ positions. We can advise if Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR), Arbitration, Adjudication or Mediation might offer a better outcome than litigation.

Litigation can be inevitable, for example, where an injunction is sought to do something, to stop someone doing something or to freeze a third party’s assets. In such situations, we can conduct Court actions in the County or High Court, Court of Appeal or Supreme Court.

We can advise both prospective clients facing litigation or those contemplating initiating it.

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