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Landons Family Department is having a makeover!

21st April 2021 | landon_admin

We are delighted to announce that our Family department is undertaking some much-needed modernisation not only in terms of “new blood”, following our Alisha Francis-Webb’s qualification as a specialist family Solicitor in April 2021, but also in terms of the high standard of client care that we strive to achieve. All of us here at […]

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What is a Pet-Nup? Do I need one?

29th March 2021 | landon_admin

In 2014, The Charity, Blue Cross, partnered with divorce lawyers Lloyd Platt & Company in an attempt to stop the numbers of pets getting caught up in marital disputes around the country from increasing as well as to lessen the stress and heartache for owners and pets alike. The current laws of England and Wales […]

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Separated parents and choosing schools

17th March 2021 | landon_admin

For separated parents, deciding on a school choice can cause serious complications if they are not in agreement. As with any family matter, the first step is always to discuss concerns with the other parent or anyone else who has parental responsibility. Sometimes, it is simply not possible for parents to reach an agreement between […]

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No-fault divorce? Is it worth waiting for?

11th January 2021 | landon_admin

The Divorce, Dissolution and Separation Bill introducing “no-fault” divorces in England and Wales gained Royal assent on 26 June 2020. This Bill comes as a relief to many family lawyers across the country, with the family law group Resolution being much of the driving force behind the campaign to bring the law in this area […]

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Lasting Powers of Attorney – a must-have for a business owner

10th December 2020 | landon_admin

We at Landons cannot not speak highly of Lasting Powers of Attorney. Lasting Powers of Attorney are instrumental when it comes to decision making for you during your lifetime. Lasting Powers of Attorney allow you to nominate one or more trusted people (attorney/s) to make important decisions on your behalf should you become mentally or […]

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