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My Work Experience at Landons

16th August 2022 | Alisha Francis

My name is Charlie, I’m currently studying law at A-level and have just finished Year 12. I decided to take upon this work experience as to get a taste of the career path I wish to follow. Landons was a great opportunity for me and I’m very glad I took it as I’ve enjoyed every second and am now certain that it is something I want to continue to do in the future. Whether that’s as a solicitor or a barrister, this was extremely beneficial for me and will be invaluable on my university applications and CV.

I worked with Landons for five days and got to experience all that they do as solicitors. I got to cover aspects of litigation, probate, wills, lasting powers of attorney, divorce, and more across these days and it was very interesting adding context and real-world application to some of the theory we have learnt in studying at A-level. Within these aspects I personally got to attempt and be part of processes such as: drafting accounts, filling out forms, sitting in meetings and writing up attendance notes and letters which all gave a real insight into the day-to-day proceedings in a firm such as this. Everything I learnt will be helpful for when I go onto university or into work as it has got me to grips with some of the actual situations and processes that will put me in a position ahead of those seeing them for the first time which will be key for my development as I hope to move forward in this path.

This experience was made all the better by the people working in Landons. Everyone working here is extremely approachable and friendly making it an easy place to settle in and makes it exceptionally easy to learn and participate in the work. They are happy to help with anything and really give a clear and easy to follow insight into what they do and how they do it, so I’d like to just say thank you for giving up your time for me and allowing me to have this experience as I don’t think I’d understand any of it if it wasn’t for your help.