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Online Settlement Agreement Service

Our stress-free Online Settlement Agreement Service allowing Landons Solicitors to provide our long-established legal services both locally and across the country, without the need to attend our offices.

At Landons we understand that being presented with a Settlement Agreement from your employer can be unsettling. Our team of Employment Solicitors are experienced and knowledgeable and we strive to simplify the legal complexities to give our clients practical advice.

A Settlement Agreement is a legally binding agreement either bringing to an end the employment relationship between yourself and your employer or settling a dispute between yourself and your employer. It is a record in writing of the terms of any settlement that you have mutually reached.

As it is a legally binding agreement, the effect of signing is that you are waiving your employment rights and ending your employment with a clean break, with no opportunity for you to bring any claims against your employer.

Rest assured, our team are here to help you progress matters and advise you without any unnecessary delays.

Legal Requirements of a Settlement Agreement

For a Settlement Agreement to be legally binding, it must comprise of the following: –

What is usually included in a Settlement Agreement?

The Settlement Agreement will set out the financial and non-financial terms which have been mutually agreed between you and your employer and therefore, these will vary with each individual. However, your Settlement Agreement is likely to include key matters such as:-

  • A clear breakdown of the settlement payment or payments agreed.
  • The date that any payment or payments are payable.
  • What level of contribution to your legal fees will be met by your employer.
  • Whether you must observe confidentially regarding the fact that you have been offered a Settlement Agreement.
  • Details of any other restrictions such as restrictive covenants that should be observed.
  • If you are able to receive a reference from your employer.

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